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Music That Tells a Story

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Aspiring to become an exceptional solo artist, Willjoy's first debut single Game 0n is a dance track with a story within. The songs lyrics are about financial gain and achieving your goals on your own merit. Fun, exciting and undoubtedly original, this song won't leave you cold.



Willjoy touches deep subject in this song, and here's a quote from himself regarding this piece; "Seeing that our inner dialogue is worsening in solitude with no one to reflect upon. The songs lyrics are a reminder to people that we have the power to change the course of that dialogue, and usually the deepest scars come from our childhood meaning it is not our fault. We can strive to better ourselves each day little by little". This sad but energetic song was his second release on a double-sided single.




Willjoy loves mixing up musical styles and enjoys adding hip hop, electronic and rock elements to songs in the studio. This explicit song released simultaneously with "Broken" in 2021, with condenced masculinity and the right amount of screw you attitude. The songs simplistic lyrics are the culmination of his feelings towards making music and shoving it in people's ear canals.  Don't be afraid to get in touch if you’d like to hear more.



The song ”Feel” starts and ends with synthesizer which was heavily inspired by 80’s TV-show Miami Vice and Jan Hammer behind the music, but with more modern and rougher touch with added rock elements throughout the whole song. When writing the song Willjoy wanted to root the overall message to the most toughest nuts to crack, with power beats that makes you feel like you could take on anything and give the impression that the toughest guys and gals are the ones that are able to talk about and being in touch with their feelings.

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